Shenzhen International EUB Air Cargo Shipping

Shenzhen International EUB Air Service

EMS packet service sold by E-commerce network, also known as EUB service, is mainly to let the network sell, e-commerce can get from our warehouse Pick and Pack,Direct shipments to more than 200 countries. Let your online sales trade borderless!


International EUB transfer service, designed for international online traders. You can use your EUB service to transfer you to the world.


Currently, the countries supported by international eub are: USA, Canada, UK, France, Norway, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland. , Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Mexico and other countries.,The EUB still adopts the mail EDI fast customs clearance mode to provide online tracking, signing and other services. It is the preferred international parcel delivery service for international network sellers.,If you are an international seller, you can contact us to open this service for you, let you transfer goods to the square, run thousands of miles. In addition to providing to many cities and countries, we also provide signing, warehousing, sorting, distribution and other Fulfillment Service

Wechat Contact: MYPOST-MY,Directly inform the customer service to open the EUB service. The customer service will tell you how to operate。