parcel customize service

Wooden Framing


We provide wood framing for your goods, if they need extra protection from the process of long delivery.

Service provided at a minimum rate of RM26,The cost of the wooden frame service is less than RM100 for a single order, and the warehouse will handle this service option by default.
0.1m3 or below                  –              RM26
0.11m3 – 0.2m3                  –              RM30-RM60
0.21m3 – 0.3m3                  –              RM60-RM80

Cash on Delivery


Only available in Guangzhou and Shenzhen warehouse. Your goods will be paid for from our China warehouse, kindly contact us beforehand for preparation of payment.The cost of the COD service is less than RMB100 for a single order, and the warehouse will handle this service option by default.
Fee shall be calculated according to the daily foreign exchange rate and a RM5 service charge will be billed.
eg. RMB200 / 1.58 + RM5 = RM131.58

Goods Inspection


Your goods will be opened and checked according to your requirement, we will provide pictures and/or videos according to your needs.

Every 20 items – RM5



Want to see your item before it arrives at your doorstep? Our warehouse can capture a picture for you keeping you in a peace of mind.

Internal packaging Picture – RM1
External Packaging Picture – M0.50


We have our own forklift in our warehouse, this service is provided free of charge for heavy items. No extra rental charges for forklift services, exclusively for our customers.

GST Invoice


Accounting is a very important element in our business, a GST invoice is all we need for declaring of account, however that invoice is not valid from overseas. We could provide a valid GST invoice for our items, kindly contact our customer service officer for more information.

Package Removing


In order to reduce the weight of the delivery, we can remove any external packaging upon your request. However please do not use this service for any fragile items.

Repackaging Service


If you are a drop shipper or any online seller, you can request us to repackage your items in any packaging you want. Add any gifts inside of your packaging, anonymous packaging, etc. Kindly contact us to know more.

Collection Service


If your supplier cannot deliver the items to our warehouse, you can request for a collection service directly from your supplier’s premise.

A minimal fee of CNY180 is required for goods collection service, and a RM5 service charge will be billed.