Korean To Malaysia airflight

Korean food products, cosmetics, clothing and beauty products are among the most popular items people like all over the world.

No more worries about how to start getting hot selling goods from Korea, we are here to solve your Korea shipping needs!

Safe shipping from Korea to Malaysia. Just deliver to our warehouse, and we will take care of the rest.


AREA 1-5kg 6-10kg 11kg> ETA
WEST RM27/kg RM25/kg RM23/kg 5-7 working days
EAST RM41/kg RM38/kg RM37/kg 7-10 working days

** Weekly flight on Fridays
– Estimated time of arrival 7 days.
– Fees to be provided within 3-5 working days.

-MIN. 1 KG

-Sensitive parcel additional RM 4/KG,min. 10KG


Warehouse Address:

RM1108, SAM-SUN B/D, 169-2 NAMCHANG-DONG, CHUNG-KU, SEOUL. ( MP55001/MPxxxxx )

서울시 중구 남창동 169-2, 삼선빌딩 1108호( MP55001/MPxxxxx )


Recipient (담당자) :       MP55001/MPxxxxx Customer ID
Unit No :                              RM 1108 (1108호)
Street Name :                    SAMSUN BLDG, 169-2 (169-2번지, 삼선빌딩)
Address :                             NAMCHANG-DONG, JUNG-GU (중구 남창동)
City :                                      SEOUL (서울시)
Postcode :                           04635
State :                                   JUNG-GU
Country :                             KOREA
Contact No. :                      02-779-6115