Personalized Packaging

Personalized Packaging



Want to see your item before it arrives at your doorstep? Our warehouse can capture a picture for you keeping you in a peace of mind.


Fragile Sticker

If your item needs extra care, we provide a fragile sticker to be sticked upon the packaging of your cargo, reminding the deliveryman to take extra care when handling your cargo.


Blank Packaging

Repackage your item with no logo on the packaging, delivering your goods anonymously.


Waterproof Packaging

We provide waterproofing packaging to your paper boxes. 60x40x40 boxes can be waterproof packed, We charge RM3 for each boxes.


Gift Packaging

We provide gift wrapping services, you just need to provide us any information about the occasion and notes you want to send in with the gift, bringing an exclusive surprise to the ones you love. A photo of your package will be sent to you for your reference.


Box Reinforcement Packaging

The box is a 5-layer thick airplane packing box. It is pressure resistant. The box after unpacking can be reused if it is not severely squeezed.

Size :

Large–60*45*50, Weight : 1.2KG