General Cargo


  • Shoes

  • Apparel

  • bag

  • Furniture

  • Baby Products

  • Sports outdoor products

General Cargo – Regular Goods

Men’s and women’s clothing, bags of various materials, shoes, decorative painting / quilts / rugs / cups / gifts / umbrella, baby car / bed / toy / tableware / car safety, tent / fishing supplies / glasses / Sports protective gear



Sensitive Cargo

  • High value

  • Liquid/Powder/Beauty Products

  • Medicine

  • Electronic product

  • Food

  • Products with magnets

  • Electrical appliances

  • Digital Accessories

  • Granular items

Facial mask, facial cleanser, makeup products, health food, health supplements, products with battery, electrical appliances, magnetic, conductive, wires, computer parts, electric panels, headphones,  , snacks, tea, speakers / headphones/ Soymilk blender / LED lights, mobile phone covers / wired mouse / wired keyboard


Restricted Cargo


Dangerous goods, sex toys, weapons, livestock, cigarettes, cutlery (such as imitation guns, machete), currency, alcohol, paint, white powder, dangerous goods, perishable and all IATA Restricted items.

Mobile phones (High risk of loss, if insists on delivering, please provide import license and the customer shall bear all responsibility of loss.)

Customer shall bear all responsibilities for any sensitive goods that are disguised as general cargo and detained by customs.

For example: If the cargo consisted of battery and is transported through general cargo air freight, it is considered as sensitive goods that are disguised as general cargo. If seized by the customs, the customer will be fined and needed to wait for the verification of customs whether the goods will be returned;

Forbidden goods: cigarettes, alcohol, fake knives, guns, batteries, branded goods such as NIKE, ADIDAS, and others’ authorized products, religious/ political/ ethnic and domestic sensitive issues’ books and items. Our warehouse staff has the right to confiscate/reject such items. If such items are intercepted by warehouse staff, a default fine of RM 150 will be imposed.

If our warehouse staff fails to intercept, such items will be confiscated after customs inspection, and all fines and legal liabilities will be borne by the customer.

This list is not exhaustive, and some items are not listed.
In addition to the items listed above, some countries may have their own additional regulations.
If the goods are seized by the customs due to national regulations, our company will not bear any responsibility

We are providing a service as an agent, we are not to be held responsible for any illegal actions customers make.