No more worries on minimal compensation on lost goods.

We are currently working with AXA to insure your consignments for up to RM10,000!


Say hello to the high valued items you are craving for such a long time overseas!


4-hours express approval

To start insuring your consignment, just check on the the insurance service needed when you are making an order in our system.



1. Add insurance service to your order.
2. Prepare your purchase documents, we shall contact you within the day.
3. Submission of documents to insurance panel.
– Please allow for up to 4 hours for approval.
– DO NOT make any payments through our system before insurance approval.



Premium Calculation: 3.5% of consignment value. (With minimum payment of RM25)

** Net day approval if documents are submitted after 1pm.


Premium Calculation: 3.5% of consignment value. (With minimum payment of RM25)

Claim Procedures:

1. Prepare necessary documents for claim
– Police report
– Official lost documents from courier service provider
2. Please allow for up to 30 working days for investigation and compensation procedure.


** Compensation process not valid if consignment is signed and received, all compensation requests must be submitted within 48 hours of lost. 




​Insurance Service:


a. MYPOST insurance is backed up by one of the biggest insurance company in Malaysia, contact our insurance officer through WeChat (MYPOST-MY).
b. Documents needed:
– Proof of purchase
– IC Photocopy
– Amount to insure
– Quantity of items purchased
c. MYPOZ is working with AXA AFFIN, one of the biggest insurance company in Malaysia.

** Please ensure your consignment is packaged safely and does not show any of the contents on the packages.
NOTE: We do not accept items that are fragile in nature. Kindly contact us to know if your item is insurable.


MYPOZ insurance division

Email :

phone: 07-2882238