(Air) Malaysia – China

Air freight from Malaysia to China

Starting from  01/01/2021, a 65% flight surcharge will be levied on orders.


Freight Channels Calculation Units Charge (RM) Remote Areas in Mainland China Delivery Time
General Cargo Air-freight First 1 KG 68 Shanxi/Inner/Mongolia/Jilin/Heilongjiang/Guangxi/Sichuan/


(Freight plus 5 MYR per kg)

Flight delivery


working days

Every 1 KG

Additional Weight

Sensitive Cargo Air-freight First 1 KG 78
Every 1 KG

Additional Weight

70 Xinjiang/Tibet

(RM 8 extra charge per kg)

Flight delivery


working days

**Ship on every Friday, the minimum shipping weight is 1 KG, included customs clearance, excluded tax, no hidden charges**

**Malaysia Warehouse will implement storage time limit, please refer to details

Warehouse Storage Service
Fee Free storage for 15 days
Exceed 15 days Calculated by parcel, with 10 kg as a unit, each parcel is RM1/day
Exceed 30 days Considered as abandoned goods and destroy

Important Notes for Air-freight from Malaysia to China

1. Before shipping, make sure that the contact number can be contacted, and the recipient’s ID can be provided, otherwise, our company will return the goods, and all costs such as storage costs/handling costs will be borne by the customer. *Please fill in Chinese real name for the recipient’s information*

2. The air-freight channel from Malaysia to China has only included customs clearance, excluded tax and the weight of each waybill is limited to 1 ticket not exceeding 10 kg.

3. Packing requirements: It must be packed in thick cartons. If the packing box is broken or disqualified, we have the right to refuse the shipping or ask you to repack it. Our company is not responsible for the damage caused by cargo transportation. Customers must responsible for their own packaging. If the cargo is lost during the delivery, the compensation will be RM 100/ticket. Fragile goods are not in the scope of compensation.

4. A shipment of goods cannot exceed RM 500. If the goods exceed RM 500, it is recommended to deliver separately, and they cannot be submitted on the same order.

5. *In case of uncontrollable factors such as strict customs inspection/ customs clearance delay/ local delivery problems, etc., the delivery time for the goods may exceed 14 days; our company is not responsible for the loss caused by the delay of delivery time.

6. Items rejected by air-freight include batteries, power banks, sea cucumbers, seahorses, fruits, famous watch tobacco and alcohol, alcoholic items, weapons, perishable items, illegal items, and prohibited items. *Any liquid products must be provided MSDS (National Certified Ingredient Certificate) You can also consult us before shipping to find out whether the goods can be shipped*

7. If the volume of the cargo is larger than its actual weight, our company will calculate the weight according to this algorithm: length (cm) x height (cm) x width (cm)/5000

8. After the parcel arrives at our Malaysia warehouse, unpacking and inspection will be processed uniformly to ensure that the contents of the parcel are consistent with the declared product name. The product needs to be documented, or else, the customer needs to provide a handwritten receipt.