Singapore To Malaysia Logistic


We also provide land transport service from Singapore to Malaysia. As our service includes customs clearance, we require the details listed below to allow us to serve you better.


  1. Parcel Weight
  2. Consignment Item Type (Cosmetics / Electronics / Foods / Furniture /Groceries)
  3. Pick-up Point and Drop-off Point
  4. Require manpower to move goods?

We shall provide a quotation to you within 24 hours.

Customs Clearance Fees

Step1:  PERMIT  SGD45
Step2:K1 Form RM100(Exclusive GST 6%)
Step3: Value of items declared 6 % GST(Original INVOICE Needed)
1m³ : RM195 Minimum 1m³(Exclusive GST 6%)
1m³ : RM120 Minimum 2m³(Exclusive GST 6%
(From any point in Singapore to Johor Bahru)
***Additional fees required if destination is out of Johor Bahru.


Regular parcel ,1.0m³,RM500 declaration value,
From Singapore to Johor Bahru.
RM100 + 6% (K1 Form) + RM148.50 ( Permit (Exchange Rate 3.30)) + RM 30 ( RM 500  6 % GST (Malaysia) ) + RM195(Minimum 1m³) = Approx. RM479.50
* SGD80 for labor charges if required by customer.
* Subject to extra surcharges according to destination address, consignment size and weight, and etc.

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