Dear customers:

1. If you register successfully, you can become a MYPOZ member, but you can enjoy the member discount and related rights only after perfecting your personal information.

Second, the member consumption points rules table

Each unit is 100 points, 100 points = MYR
Example: Exchange amount RM2.75 (can use points for 200)

Member points cannot be exchanged for RM or converted to other users.
Example: If the customer’s total order cost is RM245, it is within the range of the map (35%)

Example: The total amount of the highest usage points is RM245*35%=RM85.75 (up to 8500 points)

Third, the membership level

1. The rise and fall of the membership level is based on the amount that the member has recharged in the first 6 months. The more the member has recharged in the past 6 months, the higher the membership level and the more member discounts and membership benefits that can be enjoyed. If the replenishment amount of the past 6 months does not reach the recharge amount corresponding to the membership level enjoyed in the previous month when the membership level is updated on the 1st of each month, the membership level will drop to the rebate credit level.
The recharge amount is determined by the calculation period from 0:00 am on the first day of the previous month to 2359 points on the last day of the month, and the total amount of recharged is determined.
The VIP level change cycle is updated monthly, and MYPOZ will update the membership level based on the recharge amount of nearly 6 months at 2359 am on the 30/31.
V1 membership levels will receive additional coupons as a member benefit. The corresponding coupon will automatically receive the relevant coupon within 5-10 working days after updating the membership level on the 1st of each month, and will be valid for 90 days from the activation date. This coupon will be used in conjunction with the point redemption.

For example, A member will use MYPOZ consignment service from October 13, 2018. As of April 31, 2019, the total recharge amount is 6500. On the morning of May 1, 2019, the membership level will be updated to V6, and A member will be in May. Enjoy V6 membership level and related benefits from 1st to May 31st. Even during the period from May 1st to May 31st, the total recharge amount of A member reaches 10,000 MYR, and still only enjoy the V6 rating. The next level will only be updated in the early morning of June 1.

a) As of the early morning of May 1, the total recharge amount of A members is less than 6000, which is reduced to 2,500, and the A membership level is reduced to V4.

b) As of the early morning of May 1, the total recharge amount of A member is higher than 15000, which is raised to 16000, then the A membership level is directly raised to V7.

c) As of the early morning of May 1, the total recharge amount of A member is maintained at 6500, and the membership level remains unchanged, still V6.

Note: The membership level is calculated based on the total amount of recharges taken in the first 6 months of each real and independent account to determine the user level.

Four: Upgrade the coupon to one-off. An upgraded coupon can be automatically obtained once for each level upgraded by the user. It is not possible to upgrade to the same level of history after downgrading.

The final interpretation of the membership level rules is owned by MYPOZ.

Note: Once the system detects false reports, our company will give SMS warning to this user; after the warning, the system will reduce the membership level by 1 level for each false alarm, and the membership benefits will be affected; We will log out of the account directly.


Thank you