Dear Customer,


Since our company received feedback from customers, suggestions on recharging fees and time, we reduced the amount and time of recharging to better cater to the market and encourage customers to use online recharge. Our company will start the following operations on May 2, 2019!

  1. Reduce the online recharge fee threshold from MYR 200 to MYR 100.
  2. The offline recharge service fee is reduced from 2 MYR to 1 MYR per pen.
  3. Recharge time less than MYR 100 for recharge service during working hours (except credit card, offline recharge); recharge service fee will be charged if the recharge is less than MYR 100 non working hours
  4. Shorten the offline cash reload work hours
    Monday to Friday: 9-6pm, Saturday: 9-1pm
  5. The recharge notes on the reload system will be more explicit in the near future and avoid misunderstandings.For the sake of progress, we are listening to your voice. If you have any suggestions for our system/customer/operational work, you are welcome to continue to let us know in this feedback – will review and resolve it as soon as possible.


    Thank you