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Japan Air freightWest MalaysiaRM47RM44RM41RM38RM335 – 7 working days
East MalaysiaRM57RM54RM51RM48RM438 – 10 working days
*Minimum shipment: General Cargo 1KG, Sensitive Cargo 10KG, Sensitive Surcharge: RM5/KG
*Every week per flight : Friday

Notes on Japan Air Freight


    * If the online purchase website cannot fill in the MP code, please contact the seller to manually note on the package.
    *  Additional RM5/ kg is required for sensitive goods, and the minimum shipment for sensitive channels is 10KG
    * If the package is not marked with MP code, USD5 will be charged as the package search fee.
    * After the purchase, the customer needs to add the package and fill in the correct product name, and provide and note Jan Code (Barcode Number).
    * The rest of the goods depend on the volume of transport. Detailed product photos are also required so that customer service staff can verify the correct shipping channel with the airline
    1. *

Aloe vera products, Product that made from hundred-years shop are prohibited goods, can not be transported. 

Delivery Guide

(1)It is expected to receive the goods within 7-10 working days from the departure date
(2)The freight will be provided after the parcel arrives at the warehouse in Malaysia. (estimated 3-5 working days after departure date)
(3)According to the standard “air freight” algorithm, the freight collected is based on the “actual weight” or “volume weight”, depending on which weight is higher. The volumetric weight algorithm is (length X width X height) cm/6000= volume
(4)Additional RM5/ kg for large quantities of sensitive cargo (special sensitive channel)
*Some goods need to see the volume of transport to determine which channel to use, and customers need to provide detailed product photos and inform the volume of transport, so that customer service can verify the correct transport channel to the airline
(5)Parcel quantity: 1-10 parcels = no collection charge, RM1 / parcel is charged for more than 10 parcels. If a single parcel is more than 50KG, no parcel collection fee will be charged.
(6)If the customer does not confirm the details of the goods transportation, please consult our customer service first to confirm the correct channel transportation. If the parcel is lost or detained due to customs clearance, our company will not be responsible.
(7)The customer is advised to purchase insurance for the parcel if parcel lost  will been fully reimbursed; If the insurance is not purchased, the maximum compensation is $50

 Japan Warehouse Information

Japan Warehouse details
Japan Warehouse Recipient :910001 MP(customer code)*Must remark, Otherwise will be rejected
(Special Channel) Japan Recipient :910001 Minggan-MP(customer code)*Must remark, Otherwise will be rejected
(English) Recipient Address:559-0031, Osaka City, Nankohigashi, 8-4-47 Prologis Park Osaka 5, 4F
(Japanese) Recipient Address :〒 559-0031, 大阪市住之江区南港東8-4-47,プロロジスパーク大阪5 4F, 手4広場
Business Hour :MON~FRI: 9AM to 5PM , SAT & SUN: OFF

Japan warehouse full address:559-0031, Osaka City, Nankohigashi, 8-4-47 Prologis Park Osaka 5, 4F

Special Channel Procedure

Step (1): (Customer code)*910001 Mingan-MPxxxxx
Step (2): Provide resit
Step (3): Freight + Sensitive Channel Surcharge RM5/kg

Storage Service
Service ChargeFree 15 days storage charge
more than 15 daysIn parcel, in units of 10 kilograms
Each parcel is RM1/ day
more than 30 daysGive up custody, destroyed
Example:1-15 days = Free storage charges 、16-30 days = Calculate storage charge、31 days > = destroyed

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