Mypoz Study Tour 2019
Mypoz Study Tour 2019


Well, MyPoz, is going to have their 2nd study tour of selecting and purchasing in Guang Zhou, China. Throughout the study tour that last for 5days and 4nights, they are hoping to provide a series of training and finally create around 30 enterpreneurs that familiar and having an intimate knowledge on selecting and purchasing from oversea. Besides, the mentors that will personally guide and teach along the whole study tour in Guang Zhou will be the so called “queen of logistic” ,Nikko as well as the very own director of our organisation, Dragon.



Date: 22nd October 2019- 26th October 2019



Purpose: To provide education and a series of training to those who run minor, medium enterprises as well as those who want to start their own business on how the cross-border logistic works.



Beneficial Party:  Entrepreneur, Decoration and renovation contractor, Interior designer, Business man that purchase their goods from oversea.



Learning Content: To learn about how international cross-border logistic works, To know about the trading process of China’s wholesale market with the rest of the world, To learn how the China’s E-commerce Seller to run their business.


Mypoz Study Tour 2019


Our Schedule and Places that we will drop by👇🏻


☑️Malaysia- China Cross Border Warehouse

☑️Canton Fair Self-Guided Tour

☑️Guang Zhou World Furniture Wholesales Market

☑️Visit to the China’s Mega E-Commerce Organisation

☑️Cross-Border Logistics Live Seminar



The first study tour of MyPoz in 2018


The “Queen Of Logistic”, Nikko and Organization’s director, Dragon👇🏻




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