Want to buy but unable to pay for it?

What if I don’t have an international credit card?

How to do when I don’t have an international bank account to transfer credit?


Want to solve the problem above, just look for Mypoz


Solve your international payment problem without no worries!


Want to apply an international credit but too complicated, time-consuming and labor intensive?


Even overseas countries like United States, Australia, United Kingdom and even South Korea faced payment problems while online buying. In order to solve this problem, we specially launched the overseas payment service!


Now our company no longer only has alipay service, but also have USA, South Korea, AustraliaUK and Taiwan payment service!


In order not let you pay more in overseas purchasing with an uncertain exchanges rate, our company had set a constant exchange rate for all of you, just to make sure you can enjoy the best services!
We will not randomly change the rate, unless the rate has a significantly rises or drop. 


Overseas payment process


1. The customer needs to contact our person in-charge and inform her which overseas payment service you needs.



2.Customers need to give the account ID and password of the shopping website to the person in-charge, so that she can log in to verify the goods.



3. The person in-charge will calculated the final bill and provide to customer.



4.After customer check the final bill without any mistakes, shall process with payment.
If the final bill had mistakes, customer should immediately inform person in-charge for modification.
Otherwise, any wrong found after payment , will not be accepted.


5. Payment done, the person in-charge will finish the payment progress.





Q&A Section

1. How do you help me to pay?

Ans: You can see the overseas payment progress above or contact our crew, she will explain the progress and assist you.


2. What information do i need to provide?

Ans: The customer have to provide the link of the shopping website, together with the account ID and password to our crew.


3. How long will it take to complete payment?

Ans: After the customer provides complete information, the bill will be calculated within the same day. After the customer pays, crew will complete the payment progress on the same day, which is expected to take 2 days to complete all the payment progress.


4. Is there a service charge for the payment progress?

Ans: Yes, there will have a service charge for it. The service charge will calculated by 3% of the bill amount.


5. How do i pay?
Ans: Just need to transfer the money to our bank account, and then crew will complete the payment.


6. What is the exchange rate for the overseas payment?
Ans : All exchange rates will be subject to the advice of the person in-charge on the day.




No more worries of buying overseas!

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