As one of the biggest name in the logistic industry of Malaysia, Mypoz’s shipping services is always the first choice of many of the e-commerce sellers or retailers at the local. So, in order to show our appreciation to our supportive and loyal customers, Mypoz had come out with a new shipping package for customers in the e-commerce industry!








First of all, do notice that the shipping package is only available for the e-commerce sellers, in other words, people who do their business at an online platform. Therefore, for those who are interested in our shipping package, you all will have to prove that you are in the e-commerce industry. As an example, a screenshot of the online business platform that belonged to your company.





Alright, let’s continue with the details of the package. The price of the package is RM5000 and it will last for 6 months. So, those who had signed the shipping package could enjoy our shipping services at a lower price for 6 whole months. For goods which are below 2kg, the shipping fees will be charged on every 0.25kg while for those which are 2kg or above, the shipping fees will be charged on every 0.5kg.





For the e-commerce sellers or retailers who want to buy the shipping package, a minimum of 30% of the total price must be paid as the deposit. If the credit of RM5000 is finished before 6months, top up services is available too and that is not minimum or maximum amount for the top up service. On the others hand, if that is still remaining credit after the 6 months, the credit can still be used but according to the normal rate.





Last but not least, for those who are interested in the shipping package, do register with us starting from 30th November- 31st December! If you all have any doubts or questions regarding the package, do feel free to contact with our customer service officers!





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