Starting small, MYPOST is just a registered business name without an office. With our team sitting at a café, servicing clients the whole day, running at a bare minimum cost.

Year 2010First office – Johor – Skudai Parade3 person counter service

Year 2009The birth of MYBOXPOST!3 person team – starting from a coffee shop

Our services started to mature, customer source are stabilizing, therefore comes our small business capital. In order to improve our image, we started to rent a small office.

MYBOXPOST created the first remote delivery ordering system, widely welcomed throughout the market. Our warehouse expanded from originally 60 square feet to 850 square feet.

2012China warehouse partners contract terminated, we took over China warehouse.

Our partners from China decided to increase their charges or risk terminating the contract! We decided we are not going to let others control our prices, so we started our own warehouse team within 2 weeks!

2010 – 2011Massive increase in parcels, warehouse expansion!Increasing parcels from 30 per day to 300 per day.

Finally, our founder brought only 5 manpower from Malaysia successfully started our warehouse, forming an 8 man operating team, in a mere two weeks! This is considered a miracle within the industry, a foreigner can hire workers so quickly and setup an entire operation process in unfamiliar territories!

2012The pride of a speedy transition!Short term restructuring of the warehouse, forming of an impressive team of 8!

Rebranding of our company is needed due to the difficulties of reading MYBOXPOST, we are therefore renamed as MYPOSTONLINE, and incorporated as a registered company. We are the first shipping company to have our own branding on boxes and tapes.

2014Expansion to a 1000 square feet warehouse.

2013Name changed to MYPOSTONLINE

Increasing parcels pushing us towards expansion, from 60, 120, 300, 600, 850, 1000 square feet warehouse. We became a benchmark for all combined shipping companies in Malaysia.

Although the industry itself is getting more competitive, we still strive to become a benchmark in our market, our Malaysia office has moved for the 4th time! Service, operation and scale has improved so much since the beginning.

2016Awarded The Prestigious Brand Awards.

With the aim of improving customer experience in mind, we set up self-collection points, SMS pre-deliver service, and various other subtle improvements to our systems.

2015Moving of Malaysia office!Our team is getting bigger and more professional

Other than the prestigious brand awards, we are invited for exclusive interviews from business magazines, and also to talks by various universities to share our story of success.

2017Providing more diversified services, ensuring our customers a peace of mind.

To Be Continue