Our founder is an “Otaku”, who stays likes to stay at home. Before getting involved in the warehousing and shipping business, he owned an online shop. From initial selling men’s fashion to being in overseas purchasing agent, then comes the birth of our combined shipping platform. Our founder has only one wish while starting this company, that is to help all SMEs transport goods from China to Malaysia and started the concept of cheap shipping, allowing everyone to enjoy the luxury of air and sea shipping.


Starting in 2010, formerly known as MYBOXPOST  , we avoided price competition through innovative services, we emerged suddenly in the logistic market. Creating our own market by charging according to parcels, we relocated three times in just two years time. Our price positioning model was imitated by our competitors, everybody was springing up to build warehouses.

In 2013, in order to get away from the competitive pricing, came out with a new pricing model which is using 0.5kg as a unit of calculation, a first in the logistic industry.

In 2014, Qoo10 Singapore has chosen us as their exclusive overseas logistics partner, providing service to over 1500 orders everyday. As Qoo10 Singapore entered the China market results in a loss, MYPOST was not prepared financially, therefore we exited the market.


In 2015, our warehouse in China has been relocated six times and arrived in the 1000 square feet warehouse, Malaysia office has also been relocated four times, from Skudai Parade, to our current double-storey office. We now have more than 20 people in our customer service team.

In 2016, our company won the prestigious brands award, MYPOSTONLINE exceeds traditional logistics behavior makes us a subject of media attention, we are reported on various business magazine and newspaper articles.


In 2017, our company once again started to improve our system to meet the needs of modern consumers. Upgrading our systems and web page design, we provide customers with better user experience and better services, continuously developing new business opportunities. More services are being added within our core services, such as cargo insurance, self collection points, more combine shipment choices, ensuring customer satisfaction.